27 Jun


    Facility Rental & Soccer Equipment Assistance

    Pomona City FC strives to provide the opportunity for youth soccer players, living in low-to-moderate income households, to play competitive club soccer. Subscribe to give a monthly donation to aid and alleviate weekly field rental expenses to all teams and programs. Help supply and replenish soccer equipment such as soccer balls, cones, resistance bands, etc. to create an optimal training environment for success!

    College ID Camp Scholarship Fund

    For a typical college soccer ID camp, the cost could vary anywhere from $100 – $500+ depending on the length of the camp or exclusivity of being involved. With this monthly donation, help fund the opportunity for need-based aspiring college players to attend a college soccer ID camp, where they will be seen by top college coaches.

    Team Uniform Aid

    With your donation we can offset uniform cost for need-based players that take pride in wearing the Pomona City FC colors and gain confidence when wearing the uniform out on the pitch. Uniforms can be expensive and any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.