2016 – Pomona City FC’s 1st Youth Team


    Pomona City F.C., a 501(c)3 non-profit, was founded on March 15, 2016 and is a soccer club established in Pomona, California. From its inception, Pomona City F.C.’s focus has been to positively shape young athletes lives to stray away from the violent and gang riddled environment that has engulfed Pomona for decades. As a service, Pomona City F.C. devotes itself in creating a healthy and constructive environment, with the hope of positively influencing each player’s future.


    Small but dedicated, in time our foundation developed to positively shape young athletes lives to stray away from the hardened streets of Pomona and push them forward to accomplish something greater. It is because of this devotion Pomona City F.C. has constructed a positive environment, in which nurturing the players and molding them into sedulous individuals with great fortitude manifested itself into our club mantra. Work hard to develop your skills, while becoming mentally tough to overcome all obstacles. Become greater by the day, and tougher by the second.

    It was through this mantra the club quickly changed its fortune and established several competitive youth teams, with the assistance of trainers and staff. Under their leadership Pomona City F.C. began competing in local and regional soccer leagues such as, Pomona Premier Youth Soccer League, Pomona Champions Youth League, Independencia Soccer League and Coast Soccer League. As the seasons progressed many local teams took notice of the high quality of soccer our teams were producing, while simultaneously battling former league champions and table leaders. These outstanding performances and the perseverance shown by our players have given the club optimism in becoming an elite soccer club. As Pomona City F.C. moves onward toward the future, we will establish a level of excellence, while competing in prestigious youth soccer tournaments not only in the United States, but internationally.